Are you feeding on distraction or are you helping people get their jobs done? #HoHoTO edition

There’s no business like show business. We’re being entertained and distracted left and right and at very corner online. Our collective attention is the new currency, and so we never had so many ways to waste our time online as we have now.

We have many truly important jobs-to-be-done. Can we, as digital communication pros, designers, coders, marketers, and anyone else spending time online, do so more responsibly? And if we are to be feeding into this distraction, can we still help one another get our collective jobs done?

My experiment: hacking memes for #HoHoTO

I decided to try and turn this sorry state of affairs on its head. I thought, why not hack the power of memes, of those cats, Honey Boo Boo, twerking, and all this GIF fun for good, to raise awareness of more important things in the universe.

So I decided to hack me some memes for #HoHoTO, a fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, because there needs to be more to life, to the internet than entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Join me!

Lex's first meme caption all for #HoHoTO
Lex’s first meme caption all for #HoHoTO
Why not do something important and meaningful while having fun with cats and memes. You can! Go play tag and #hohoto 🙂
Meme captioned by @gisuck

Meme captioned by @gisuck


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