Communications as Experience Design: Memory and Information.

Information is overrated

As communicators, we often think our role is to relay information. We think, “If only the world knew,” and so we focus our energy, communications and strategy on passing information. We forget that people, for years, have outsourced their factual and informational memories. Because we can. Why remember, when we can look up anything.

Great experience design is about creating memories.

We remember experiences. True brand is measured by the sum of all experiences, positive and negative, that people have with it. Please be conscious of experiences and impressions you’re creating. That’s the first step to the necessary analysis of every single touchpoint of contact, of your overall company’s interface with clients, vendors, employees, competitors.

Memory distortion

One of the greatest challenges communications professionals have is creating memory distortions, or illusions that something happened when it didn’t. That things aren’t black when they are. Friends, that sort of spin is very hard to do and nearly impossible to do right. Focus on what works and work on being great at what you do, instead of covering up the smell of decay with perfume.

Build a brand that’s strong enough. If you aren’t actively creating great experiences, that gap will be filled by someone else. Flashmobs will do it for you. Your competitors will define you. You will be defined, whether you want it or not. How do you want to be perceived? What do you want to be known for?

Creating great experiences is not optional anymore. It’s not enough to just feed me information.

Information must be fresh or marinated, sliced open, chopped, cooked to perfection and plated to be transformed into experience.


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